Elite Legacy Ghana Limited has been premeditated to assist all business entities and individuals in the recovery of debts from various credit defaulters and improve on effective credit / debt management practices in our client’s business operations. This is carefully structured to maintain the best of business relationships between creditors and debtors for a long lasting mutual business benefits. Our services are strictly based on the principles of no recovery no pay to ensure our relentless effort in recovering every penny due to all creditors.


We are incorporated under the laws of Ghana, engaged in the service of  Debt Collections, Management Consultancy, Credit Management Training,  IT Solutions, Estate / Project Management, Debtor Tracing , Factoring, Enforcement / Execution of Court Judgment, and Auctioneering. We set very high and unbeatable standards, priding ourselves in providing effective, efficient and ethical professional services. As stated earlier on: “our professional work force ensure relentless and aggressive debts recoveries measures with a combination of serious pre-legal, legal and full enforcement procedures to the benefits of our clients by way of improving all necessary cash flows till the last penny is paid.”


Vision Statement

1. To continuously strive to be the preferred state of credit defense and quality control.
2. To be recognized as the preferred Debt Management Company with strict adherence to effective recovery strategies and best practices, operating within internationally accepted standards.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to continuously improve and ensure relentless commitment in providing our clients with maximum recovery force leading to effective credit defense and quality control at all times.
We endeavor to handle each client’s request or case with accountability and responsiveness, striving to achieve results that exceed expectations, through our commitment to our clients, adding maximum value to their business.


Our dedicated team of professionals in diverse areas like Legal recoveries, credit management, project / estate management, financial / investment advisory, IT solutions among others, brings an informed perspective to each challenge, calling upon years of benefits experiences in a variety of businesses and industries, and  combining their talents and tenacity, insights and intuitions, creativity and practicality. Team members are your stress relievers, on hand to answer your questions, hear your concerns, and put your mind to rest.

Mr. Eugenie Atta Bentum. ( Chief Executive Officer)

A pioneer entrepreneur with vast historical experience in quality business management, credit and  debt management practices. He has a Para military background which has imbued him with discipline, accountability and unique hard working qualities in various entrepreneurship endeavors,  his quest to be the preferred solution to complex errors in organizations has led him to be the force and influence of most quality structures and continuous improvement strategies in most business start ups across Africa.

Mrs. Ernestina Ohene Ansah ( Executive Director)

With over 25 years international working experience in micro-financing, money lending, business development, very strong analytical and robust legal background, she ensures the effective management of corporate business operations, administer effective organizational policy formation and ensures strict compliance.
As part of her professional qualifications, she holds several executive training certificates in business management best practices, credit /debt management strategies and Para-legal studies.


Mr. Godfred Ansah (Director of Operations and Administration)

With several years of professional working experience in credit/debt management industries, he has held top management positions in various firms both locally and internationally. He has rich working experience in the field of strategic management, business development, quality control, credit administrations, pre-legal / legal recoveries, and quality business process re-engineering. He holds an MBA in Total Quality Management, a member of the Institute of Chartered Credit Management (Ghana), Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management, A Bachelors degree in Information System Sciences, a certificate in journalism and several executive training certificates.

 His skills and expertise in the field of credit management, debt recoveries, and quality business process re-engineering, he has contributed immensely to a myriad of achievement for this organization.


The company is currently in partnership with some astute legal professionals and entities acting as solicitors and barristers to oversee to legal recovery issues and any cooperate business affairs. These team of legal experts forms one of the integral part of our management.   


A Performance and Strategy Coordinator, Debt management expert, operations officers, and field officers ensure a full time effective operational duties on all assigned cases. Depending on the size of the portfolio as and when the need arises, additional officers like tracing experts and legal recovery team are added to achieve our targets, the core team comprises as follows.:

  1. Performance & Strategy Coordinator
  2. Debt Management Coordinator
  3. Operations and Administrative Officers
  4. Tracing Experts
  5. Field Officers / Recovery task force.

With the capacity to manage any debt situation, we bring to bear on assignments of this nature vast historical experience coupled with improved and relevant methodologies developed to keep pace with anticipated developments in all areas of business. We are flexible in the application of resources, which allows us to apply the best resources to the requirements of our clients, whiles stringent quality controls and risk management criteria is ensured to foresee that there is no compromise on the quality and sustainability of deliverables.

Our local experience allows us to render not just theoretical solutions but practical solutions that achieve the desired results. Our team has the required experience that will be leveraged to provide you with the most efficient service possible. The highly experienced team members have all been selected on the basis of their experience and expertise in the field of searching & locating debtors, debt collection and debtor monitoring as well as their dedication and commitment to achieve targets using best industry practice influenced by our local environment. We strongly believe that our clients always come first, and a key source of our client satisfaction lies in our commitment to ongoing communication. In order to support the highest level of service possible, we will create a formal communication plan in accordance with your requirements.

With all conditions met and all necessary strategies implemented to commence business, we do not relent on our efforts at recovering until  the last pesewa owed our clients including interest and cost are successfully recovered.