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About us

Elite Legacy Ghana Limited has been premeditated to assist all business entities and individuals in the recovery of debts from various credit defaulters and improve on effective credit / debt management practices in our client’s business operations. This is carefully structured to maintain the best of business relationships between creditors and debtors for a long lasting mutual business benefits. Our services are strictly based on the principles of no recovery no pay to ensure our relentless effort in recovering every penny due to all creditors.

  • Debt Management- Debt Collections and Debt Monitoring

  • Factoring

  • Financial Advisory

  • Business Management Consultancy and Credit Management Training

  • IT Solutions.

  • Estate / Project Management.

  • DebtorTracing.

  • Enforcement / Execution of Court J

  • Auctioneering.

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Vision Statement

1. To continuously strive to be the preferred state of credit defense and quality control.
2. To be recognized as the preferred Debt Management Company …….


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to continuously improve and ensure relentless commitment in providing our clients with maximum recovery force leading to …….

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Our dedicated team of professionals in diverse areas like Legal recoveries, credit management, project / estate management, financial / investment advisory, IT solutions among others, brings an informed perspective to each challenge, calling upon years of benefits experiences in a variety of businesses and industries, and  combining their talents and tenacity, insights and intuitions, creativity and practicality. Team members are your stress relievers, on hand to answer your questions, hear your concerns, and put your mind to rest.



We assist you PAY OFF and COLLECT ALL DEBTS due you from all source With

  • No initial cost
  • No consultation fee
  • No operational cost
  • No specific threshold or debts limits
  • strictly on the bases of NO RECOVERY NO PAY until every penny is recovered




 It is our understanding that our clients require the services of a top-quality debt collection agency with the necessary capability and experience to recover debts from defaulting clients.