Debt Management- Debt Collections and Debt Monitoring

Elite Legacy Ghana Limited is aimed to ensure professional recoveries duties that shall exceed our client expectations which consist of mainstream activities, each having unique objectives and methodology applied in order to arrive at an integrated work plan, designed to satisfy the requirements of the scope of work set out by clients.




We act as a third party (Factor) for institutions by engaging in discount purchases of account receivables (i.e., invoices) from clients. This helps the business who factors its receivable assets to meet their present and immediate cash needs.


Financial Advisory

As financial advisors, we provide our clients with advice on financial matters, making recommendations on ways to best utilize their excess raise funds. The team will research the marketplace and advice clients on products and services available, ensuring they are aware of and understand those that best meet their needs, and then securing a sale.

Business Management Consultancy and Credit Management Training

We pride ourselves with the fact that we offer personalized training and development solutions to our clients. We offer in-house soft skills and public training programs with the objective of improving the performance of employees in organizations in relation to receivable management.

Other Services

  • IT Solutions.
  • Estate / Project Management.
  • DebtorTracing.
  • Enforcement / Execution of Court J
  • Auctioneering.