Our Services

We work hard to ensure that deliver excellence to customers and delight them through our host of services. 

How We Help

As a leading consulting firm in Ghana and across Africa, we have a team of experts that are dedicated to offering clients the best solutions in debt recovery, IS auditing, accounting, estate management, and short-term property rentals. 

Debt Recovery

Poor account receivables and bad debt can slow down your business or perhaps, bring it to a halt. There is absolutely no reason why your debts and account receivables should not be paid. Through our expert debt recovery systems and strategies, we work with you to recover all your money from customers at no extra cost to you.

Accounting Services

Accounting is the language of business. Our accounting services provide basic bookkeeping, financial reporting, and financial management services to small and medium-sized businesses, enabling them to keep their books, attract investors and be financially compliant.

IS Auditing

Data is king. When your business data and information are not protected, it gives room for hackers. Through our IS auditing services, we help you to avoid fraud, manage your information systems, and prevent your IT systems from being compromised.

Credit Management

Drowning in debts and credits and don't know how to manage and pay them. We work with you as a credit advisor, to help you to plan, manage and pay down your debts, making you to live-debt free and enjoy your life. Where the need arises, we can also connect you to credit providers to support you with soft loans.

Property Rentals

Elite Legacy is the leading property rental firm. We work with landlords and property owners to rent and manage their properties. Whether it is a residential building or commercial apartment, our rental system ensures that we hire the right people, screen them and ensure there is no vacancy.

Estate/Project Management

Got land? Looking to build your residential or commercial apartment? No need to stress and worry about it. Our team of experts manages your entire project, from start to finish. We hire workers, manage the project and keep you updated on the project and finally deliver the final work on schedule.

Why Choose Us?

The following entails some of the benefits of our services:

Fast Debt Recovery

Recover your debts faster

Easy Credit Management

Pay off your debts faster and get relief

Profesional Accounting

Professional bookkeeping and accounting

Trusted Project Managent

Build your house or office on schedule anon budget.

Fast Property Rentals

Property rentals that you can trust

Expert IS Auditing

Expert technicians for all IS projects

Advisory Support

Expert advice, guidance & consulting

Affordable Pricing ​

Affordable and moderate pricing

Customer Friendly​

Faster customer service & response rate